Smart Home by Wasserstein: Smart light bulb and smart plug Review

A 'smart home' is a home equipped with appliances, lighting, heating/air conditioning, camera systems, security systems, etc. that can be monitored and controlled remotely by a phone or computer. These popular mainstream smart devices are also beneficial for users with disabilities. Consumers with physical disabilities can turn lights on/off with a simple voice command. Visually impaired consumers can adjust a smart thermostat using an accessible app. Want to try a couple smart devices without purchasing a full system? Wasserstein is a company that has a variety of products, including the stand-alone Smart Plug and Colorful LED Light Bulb, that do not require a hub.

Smart Plug by Wasserstein

The Smart Plug is a smart socket that enables users to control small appliances via Wi-Fi.  Smart Plug uses the Wstein app or can be controlled through voice commands through Alexa (Echo or Echo Dot).  This smart plug is a stand-alone device meaning it does not require an expensive hub.  A nice additional feature is that the Smart Plug has a built-in USB port.

Personally, I had trouble connecting the Smart Plug to my home Luma Mesh Wi-Fi network. Even though the network appeared to be working with other devices, the Smart Plug had an error message about network stability. (Note: It was not determined if it was Smart Plug specific issue or a network issue.) The Smart Plug quickly connected to a Google Mesh Wi-Fi network.

The Smart Plug uses the Wstein app for all Wasserstein products except for the Colorful LED Light Bulb (see below).

Colorful LED Light Bulb by Wasserstein

The Wasserstein Colorful LED Light Bulb is a smart Wi-Fi light bulb with multicolored light options.

Change the color of the light to match your mood or activity. Choose between a wide range of colors, including a relaxing soft hue, a vibrant bright color, or have the colors flow from one color to the next. 

For users with visual impairments or who have issues with glare or eye fatigue, the ability to easily adjust the color tone and brightness is very beneficial. Personally, I like the soothing light purple tone when watching TV at night and a brighter beige tone when reading. This smart light bulb can be set to react to music or sounds - changing colors to the beat to create a disco ball effect. Note: For some people who have issues with flashing lights, the changing light patterns may trigger migraines or seizures.

The Wasserstein light bulb is controlled by the Magic Home Pro app or connect the bulb to Amazon’s Alexa and control by voice commands. The Magic Home Pro app is accessible with VoiceOver.

The original setup was unexpected and initially frustrating.  After connecting the Wasserstein SmartPlug using the Wstein app, it was assumed that the Wasserstein light bulb will use the same app. The online instructions were, “Seamless Set Up – Simply screw in your Wasserstein Smart Light Bulb, download the app, connect the light bulb to your phone and your home’s Wi-Fi and you are good to go.”  The Wasserstein smart light bulb is not compatible with the Wstein app like all the other Wasserstein smart products; it uses the Magic Home Pro app instead. Personally, I felt that the initial set-up on the Magic Home Pro app was not as intuitive for the average consumer as other smart device apps.

The Magic Home Pro app is not easily shared with other family members or devices. Each device required creating a new account, going through the initial app set-up, connecting to Wi-Fi, etc. With other smart device apps that my family uses, once the initial account is set up, each person/device  only has to log in the first time the app is used - the same account information is automatically used.

When connecting to Wi-Fi, the app did not ask for the Wi-Fi password which could potentially be a security concern.

The Wasserstein light bulb does not require a HUB; this has advantages and disadvantages. If you only want to use this lightbulb (and no other smart home devices) then you do not need to purchase a hub. However, the disadvantage is that when using a variety of smart devices that are connected to a hub, all the devices can be remotely monitored and controlled through one app. The Wasserstein light bulb is a bit pricey compared to similar smart bulbs; but, keep in mind that this bulb does not require purchasing a hub. In our home, we currently have over 20 smart home devices that we monitor and control through one convenient app. 

Note:  The Wasserstein light bulb is a large bulb and may not fit into smaller fixtures.


  • Wi-Fi Connection
  • Wattage: 15W (100W Equivalent)
  • Lumens: 1200LM
  • Voltage: AC 100V-264V, 50/60Hz
  • Color temperature: 2700-6500K
  • Average Life: 40,000 Hours

Wstein app in the App Store

Magic Home Pro in the App Store

Wstein app in Google Play

Magic Home Pro in Google Play

For more information about Wasserstein products, go to the  Wasserstein website

The video below demonstrates how to set up the Wasserstein Colorful LED Light Bulb and this smart bulb's features.


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