Shared Notes on the iPad

Another discovery that I made working with one of my students is the use of Shared Notes.  Within the Notes app on the ipad, live notes can be shared and collaborated on in real time!  Here are the basic steps:

1.  In the Notes app on an iDevice, start a New Note or use a preexisting Note.  Select the “Add People” icon on the top right side of the screen (the icon to the left of the Share Note icon).

Screenshot of Notes app displaying Add People button.

2.  Next the “Add People” options will pop up.  At this point you can choose how to Share a Note (i.e. sending an invitation via the Message app, Mail app, Copy Link, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).

Screenshot of Notes display Add People screen.

3.  I typically choose to share notes via email.  I enter the recipient’s email address and send the email.

Screenshot of Notes app displaying the email screen.

4.  The email recipient will have the option to open the Shared Note in the Notes app on their iDevice.

Screenshot of recipient's screen showing name of Note, sender and option to accept Note.

5.  Once the invitation has been accepted, the Shared Note opens in the Notes app.  In the example below, the Shared Note was just shared between the Vision teacher and the Student.  There is an option to add additional people to the note as well (See steps 1-5).  This pop-up menu also gives you the option to Stop Sharing a Note.  These features are available in the Sender’s view. 

Screenshot of Notes app displaying the popup menu with the people who are sharing listed and the option to stop sharing.

6.  The recipient’s view mainly allows them to see who has access to the Note that they will be editing.  They can copy and share a link to the note, but they don’t have admin rights to Add People as editors of the Note. 

Screenshot of recipient's Notes app display who is shared without the Add People option.

7.  Once the Note has been accepted, both the Sender and the Recipient can edit the Note in live time.

Screenshot of Notes with two people sharing comments in real time.

The Shared Note feature can be an asset to a student who requires a desk copy of notes.  A school staff member or fellow student can record notes for a Visually Impaired student in live time to support their academic needs in class. 

In what ways do you see yourself utilizing this app as a teacher or a student?  Please leave a comment below!

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Editor's Note:  Notes is accessible with VoiceOver and a refreshable braille display.

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