See 'n Say app review

See 'n Say is an app based on the classic Fisher Price spinning game, See 'n Say. The app has 12 animals; each animal has a corresponding sound and mini-videos with fun animal facts. The app is a simple cause-and-effect app and only requires a 1-finger tap on the animal. See 'n Say is designed for ages 2-5. This app is fully accessible for ALL kids! The app is self-voicing and the Parent page for adults is accessible with VoiceOver. See 'n Say is available in the App Store for $1.99.


Screenshot of See 'n Say appThe screen is a big circle with six pie-shaped areas; each area has an animal. In the middle of the circle is a large spinner. Tap on an animal to hear the animal sound and the name of the animal. The video about the animal automatically plays. There are six videos for each animal. In the first circle, starting in the top left corner and moving clockwise are the following animals: frog, eagle, cat, goat, turkey, and dog. Tap in the very top right-hand corner to access the button to move to the second page for the next six animals. Starting in the top left corner of the second circle, are the following animals: duck, pig, rooster, sheep, cow and horse. Tap the very center of the circle to activate the spinner.

Teaching Hint: Tapping on the animals helps to develop spatial awareness - students learn where each animal is located on the screen. Spatial awareness is a critical tech skills for students who are visually impaired! Using the spinner does not teach spatial awareness.

Encourage the child to find a specific animal - select each animal multiple times as there are six different videos for each animal. Each video contains unique animal facts. Kids who are visually impaired typically love learning animal fun facts!


Similar to most apps for young children, See 'n Say is self-voicing and fully accessible for children playing the game; playing the game does not require using VoiceOver. (The actual game play is not compatible with VoiceOver.) Players do need to understand the spatial layout of the game so that they can tap on the animals. The animals in the videos are not audio described; however, the animal fun facts are said aloud. The Parent button and the button to switch to the second page of animals are not accessible, but they are located in predictable places. The Parent button is located in the very bottom left corner; the button to switch pages is located in the very top right corner. The Parent section is fully accessible with VoiceOver. 

Additional Apps

Fisher Price See 'n Say Vehicles is a similar accessible app for $1.99.

In the beginning, the video below demonstrates the player tapping the spinner. Later in the video, the animal is tapped and the spinner spins to that animal.

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