Screen Recorder: iOS 11 Feature

iOS 11 has several new features, including the Screen Recorder feature. The screen recorder feature enables you to capture of video recording of what you are doing on your iPhone or iPad - the video even captures your voice narration and VoiceOver!

Screen Recording for Teachers

There are many purposes for using the screen recording tool. Here are a few educational ideas:

  • Create quick video tutorials for students
    • Instructions on how to use an app, accessibility feature, etc.
    • Sample videos of how to complete a homework problem
  • Create quick video tutorials for mainstream classroom teachers
    • Demonstrate accessibility features/commands for mainstream classroom teachers
    • Demonstrate how to create accessible materials such as how to add alt tag descriptions or how make an accessible PowerPoint
    • Explain how to turn on/off accessibility features; this is especially important if your student needs assistance
  • Record issues with apps or devices to be shared with developers
  • Student portfolio
    • Video recordings of your student's tech skills
  • Student created videos
    • Self-advocacy videos

Add Screen Record to the Control Center

Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls > find Screen Recorder and select the + button.

Activate Screen Record

Open the Control Center (slide finger up from the bottom of the screen). Select Screen Record (symbol is a solid round circle inside a ring - looks like a 'target'). Once you select Screen Record, numbers will appear to count down when the recording will start. To stop Screen Record, select the red bar at the top of the screen then confirm that you want to stop the screen recording.

In order to turn on the microphone, do a long press on the Screen Record button. This will display the Microphone Audio on/off button.

This video demonstrates how to turn on Screen Recorder (without VoiceOver).

This video demonstrates how to turn on Screen Recorder (with VoiceOver).

Collage of screen recorder


Posted by Jonathan PoolMay 13, 2018

Whenever I am recording, VoiceOver stops using the speaker, so the sound from VoiceOver is so unloud as to be nearly inaudible in the recording.

Posted by Diane BraunerMay 21, 2018

I have had this happen at one point awhile ago. Changing the audio ducking (in settings) took care of it.  However, a colleague said she recently made a screen recording with VoiceOver and VoiceOver didnot record, so it might be a different issue now?


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