Scanjig with VoiceOver (featuring the 06 Bluetooth Smart Remote)

As a way to promote independence within the classroom, I requested a Scanjig to use with my academic students. There are so many instances where the classroom teacher forgets to submit a worksheet to be translated into braille or enlarged. This is where the Scanjig comes in handy. The Scanjig is a device that acts as a stand for an iPad (for example) or Smart Device. It allows the iPad to be used as a document scanner.  The student or staff member can set the iPad up on the ledge of the Scanjig stand, place a piece of paper with text facing the back camera of the iPad, open an OCR app (read more about an OCR scanning app here) and scan. Once scanned, Voiceover can be used to read the text to the student. The O6 app (Read more about the O6 Bluetooth Remote here) can be used in addition to help the student to toggle between settings and make selections.

Check out this video of the Scanjig in action!

Do you use a stand with an iPad? 

Do you have any preferred OCR apps?

How do you get the best use out of document scanning apps? 

Please share below!