The SBAC Test

Taking the Math SBAC Test

Ever since the 3rd grade, you have been tested at the end of each school year. These state tests quiz you on everything you should have learned in the present grade. SBAC testing has never been fun, but it eventually becomes routine.

Today we call the test SBAC. However, it changes names every now and then. In fact, it was called the EOC just two years ago. With the changing of names comes harder questions. Yet, these tests are mainly for the state, school, and specific teacher. In my school, if you fail, nothing really happens. However, if you don’t pass the tests before your senior year, you will not graduate.

This year I took the math SBAC test. The test was separated throughout two days. The first section had 38 questions, while the second one had only 5. Questions ranged from basic algebra, to geometry, to graphing. On the test there is a calculator, notepad, highlighter, and flag options to help you.  It was pretty tiring, yet not as hard as I was expecting. It helped a lot that my class has been practicing for over a month.

I took and passed the algebra EOC back in 8th grade. This means that I didn’t have to pass this test. This one was for my math teacher. If I passed or fail, it wouldn’t change my transcript or graduation date. Knowing this helped take away some of the stress.

In 8th grade I took the EOC in Braille. However, back then the test was on paper. Now it is an online test. I prefer it better than the Braille copy. However, the school did have a Braille copy handy too. Thankfully the test site is workable with Jaws. Jaws even reads most of the math symbols and equations! The test also offers its own audio and enlargement features. It was very accessible and it made my life easier.

Even though my results didn’t matter, that doesn’t mean it will for everyone. I would suggest studying as much as possible. For the math SBAC, I would even take practice tests. Some of the questions are worded funny or meant to confuse you. Looking at the format beforehand is an absolute plus! I’m very happy I’m done with them though.

Last year I took the reading/writing and science tests. They worked the same way. They are online too, but Jaws reads everything. I hope this helps for those getting ready to take any SBAC test.

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