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Are you interested in learning about accessible digital charts and graphs? SAS Graphics Accelerator is a free Chrome extension that enables users to access digital charts and graphs. Students can access a teacher-created graphic, upload a graphic from the Internet or create their own. Navigate through these digital graphics and anlyze the data contained in the graphic - with or without a screen reader.

There are numerous posts on Paths to Technology about SAS Graphics Accelerator; this summary post has been created to help educators and students to know what is available on this topic and to be able to quickly find these posts.

Note: Paths to Technology has a Map Library with crowd-sourced non-visual digital maps which are available for everyone to use. If you create a map, please consider sharing it!

SAS Graphics Accelerator Maps

(Maps released spring 2020)

Note: These posts are listed by date that they were published, starting with how to use the software and how to create customized maps and ending with classroom and O&M lessons that use non-visual digital maps.

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