SAS Graphics Accelerator: Maps Software Update

Creating and opening non-visual digital maps has never been easier! The June 22, 2020 user-friendly update has streamlined the process of creating maps and opening non-visual digital maps.

The SAS Graphics Accelerator is a Google Chrome extension. If you have already installed SAS Graphics Accelerator, open Google Chrome web browser and you will see the blue "S"  in the top right corner. This software should update automatically; if not, close Google Chrome and re-open it. You can verify the version by clicking the SAS Graphics Accelerator icon (blue "S") then selecting About. You should see V5.1.2654.7603 or later.

Screenshot of Google Chrome web browser open to SAS Graphics Accelerator About page with arrows pointing to Accelerator icon and version number.

User-Friendly New Features

Integration with Google My Maps

This feature eliminates multiple steps that used to required to prepare the created map to be Accelerator. The Accelerate Map button has integrated into Google My Maps!

  • Go to to create your map or to find a previously created map.
  • Open the desired map.
  • Click the Accelerate button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Screenshot of a marked map in with an arrow pointing to the Accelerate button in the bottom right corner.

Streamlined Support for Importing Maps into the Laboratory

This feature eliminates multiple steps that used to be required to import into and prepare a map for SAS Graphics Accelerator.

  • Click the SAS Graphics Accelerator icon.
  • Click Laboratory.
  • Click Maps.
  • Click Import Map and select a KML file from your file system (where ever you have stored the map file on your computer).
  • Click Save to Laboratory.

Screenshot of SAS Graphics Accelerator Prepare Map page with Save to Laboratory highlighted.