Reading a Menu or Sign: Smart Phone Low Vision Tool

A smart phone is a compact device that is packed with a variety of tools - especially tools that can be used by a low vision student!  Want to read a menu board at a fast food restaurant?  Simply whip out your phone, snap a picture, and zoom in. Access maps, signage, bus schedules and other O&M-related information in the community.  In the classroom, access pictures, charts, homework assignments, notes and other educational materials.  Go to the Photo app and review the image later.  Want to write a note on the image?  Open the picture in an annotation app and then write, draw or type directly on the image.  If the material is being displayed via a SmartBoard or other projector system, use a screen sharing app to view the materials and then snap a picture of important screens.  Taking pictures of important text or materials is a quick and efficient "note taking" strategy. 

For details about annotation app or screen sharing app:

Join.Me a Screen Sharing iPad App


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