Rainbow Cat Book: Emerging Reader

Emerging readers should be flooded with interesting books and these books should be available in various formats! Preschoolers love to do the same activity again and again. The same is true with reading - preschoolers enjoy having a familiar book read to them over and over again and students love to "read" their favorite books again and again. Emerging readers particularly enjoy reading about things that are interesting to them. In this case, the PreK student is interested in books about cats.

My daughter painted the PreK student a rainbow ceramic cat and dictated the words in the book. She helped me make the book using the Book Creator app and I shared it with the PreK student's parent. The PreK student listens to the Rainbow Cat book on her iPad and she will soon receive a print/braille copy of the book. The student deictated her own story about the Rainbow cat and drew a picture which I will turn into another audio book.

Rainbow Cat ePub