The Text Adventures  site was examined in a previous post, a site my students enjoy immensely. On this website is also a segment dedicated to software for creating one’s own text games, namely Quest, a free, open source software for creating text adventure games that is designed to be easy to use and learn. According to the Website, Quest can be used in a web browser, or can be downloaded as a Windows version (the site states both modes are interchangeable, except with the screen reader restrictions noted in our tests).

As a trial, I downloaded and installed the Quest application and had a student who is very adept with screen readers and who loves text games attempt to build a text game. For new game creation, the software guides and helps create an outline of a game, offers hints for the creation of more engaging scenarios, and offers prewritten scripts and commands that can be added to a user’s story. This was all very interesting and exciting, but alas the down loaded application did not entirely work with a screen reader, presenting navigation problems through the interface.

I then had the student, disheartened  but undeterred, try the web version and voila! It was accessible throughout and offered the student a platform for creating text games with all the features mentioned above.

A tutorial is provided. For the web version, a user account must be created.

 The Quest web interface for creating text games is recommended for students who have mastered the keyboard and are looking to create text games. For students unable to use graphical game creation applications that are based on visual programming, but wish to create games,Quest is a wonderful option. I would suggest that an upper level high school student would most benefit from and enjoy Quest.