QR Kids: Back to School/Open House Activity

The QR Kids post was originally posted on The Techie Teacher website. Reposted on Paths to Technology with permission.

Have your students create QR Kids by snapping a full body picture, print and cut. (A fourth grade teacher I worked with, Mrs. Albis, had the great idea to attach a small binder clip at the base to help the pictures stand on their own...see picture below). Students can write a summary about themselves, their favorite part of their new classroom, their goals for the year, etc., record themselves reading and turn their recording into a QR code. Their QR Kid can be displayed for classroom visitors. Parents LOVE to scan the codes and hear their child speaking.

2 QR Kids: cut-out photo of each student with a QR code square for the body standing upright on a desk in a classroom.

You can learn how to do this using a Chromebook, laptop/computer or iPad in the video tutorial below. Note: The video starts at :42 (there is no sound before or action until then).


I also have a blog post, Easy to Use Tools for Creating AUDIO QR Codes, which talks about how you can create audio QR codes using Vocaroo, Cloud QR Generator App, SeeSaw and other methods. Also in this blog are ideas for using Audio QR Codes in the classroom.

Editor's Note: Cloud QR Generator App is fully accessible with VoiceOver on iOS devices. This app is very simple to use and is rated for ages 4+. As Julie mentioned in her video, if you want to create QR codes, this app is worth the $3.99 purchase price! There are many other features available within this app, so be sure to fully explore the app and share how you use these features in YOUR classroom!

Cloud QR screenshot of the Create page with icons for: text, URL Talking Image, Record audio, image library, slideshow, video library, DHSource, Take picture, record video, document share, and clipboard.

Collage of QR Kids



Posted by Diane BraunerSep 05, 2018

The developers at Cloud QR Generator shared, "In the latest version (4.8) it's even better. I've added better VoiceOver labels for all buttons and other elements that was not clear for VoiceOver users."

If you are using Cloud QR Generator, please take a minute to rate the app in the app store - and thank them for making the app accessible for VoiceOver users!