QR Codes: Making Books and Worksheets Accessible!

QR Codes are exciting new teaching tools that can be used to make educational materials accessible! Teaching Superkids has created bundles of QR Codes with video books AND corresponding worksheets. Some of the audio books are videos of a person reading the book; other audio books  - such as Crocodile's Tooth - are animated movies. The worksheets are available to be printed out. Each worksheet page has a QR code, which is a recording of the worksheet instructions. Most of these worksheets have one side that is visual (color the image and draw the image) and the QR code links to the video story. The last portion of the worksheet often contains a simple writing prompt. The QR code links to an audio file that states the writing prompt. Students who use a screen reader, can write or dictate their story on their device, rather than writing on the print worksheet. QR Codes are accessible with screen readers.

Teaching Superkids has shared a sample set of QR codes and corresponding worksheets - try these with your students! See attached QR Code Sample.* There are more QR code bundles available for purchase on the Teaching Superkids website.

Want to see how it works before printing out the QR Codes? You need two devices. The first device should display this post. With the second device, open the camera app on your iPhone or iPad (running iOS 11). Point the camera at the QR code on this post. A popup appears at the top of the screen with "Open 'Safeshare.tv' in Safari". Select that. Activate video.

Screenshot of 4 book titles and corresponding QR Codes: Crocodile's Tooth, Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout, Two Boxes and The Fish that Couldn't Climb Trees

Teacher Hint: TVIs and mainstream educators can quickly create QR codes for video books and worksheets like the ones shown here. Additionally, these QR codes can be a way to make any worksheet and educational material accessible. Example: Create an auditory description of a map, chart or diagram. There are times that extra information is critical and alt tag image descriptions may be too limited on space.

Activity 1: Record your student reading his/her favorite book. Upload that video to YouTube or class website. Create a QR code for that book.

Activity 2: Have students write their own story. You can assign a writing prompt or topic or let the student choose. If the class is studying a specific topic, students can research the topic and write a paper to be shared with the entire class via QR codes. The students can create a video about their stories/topics and then create QR codes that links to individual videos.

QR Code Resources

*Teaching Superkids has given specific permission to share her QR Code Sample set on Paths to Technology.

QR code collage