Pumpkin Writing Prompts Lesson: Digital Creative Writing

Crisp, cool weather means colorful leaves, hay rides, and pumpkins! Classrooms are decorated with spider webs, pumpkins and corn stalks. These fall themes can easily be incorporated into fun writing activities for everyone! Gather a variety of pumpkins – big, little, smooth, bumpy – and throw in a couple of gourds. Younger students can touch and explore the pumpkins then write about their experiences. Every pumpkin has a story to tell! Be sure to discuss and compare sizes, textures, and smells.

Try these writing prompts

  • Let me tell you about my pumpkin (use descriptive words).
  • My jack o’ lantern came alive and told me . . .
  • Pumpkin, pumpkin what do you see?
  • My pumpkin is as ___ as a ____.
  • If I could carve anything on my pumpkin, I would make a  _____.
  • Once upon a time, there were three little pumpkins sitting in a pumpkin patch . . .
  • I could not believe my eyes when I saw a pumpkin . . . (tell a spooky story).
  • What happened when I entered the pumpkin carving contest . . .
  • I was surprised when I cut open my pumpkin and found it was full of . . .
  • Pumpkin Patch Princess: write a story about how the Pumpkin Princess saved the harvest festival!
  • Pumpkin Patch Prince: write a story about how the Pumpkin Prince saved the pumpkins!
  • Pumpkin Predictions: I think the pumpkin will have ___ seeds, will weigh ____ pounds, is ___ inches tall, is ___ inches wide, I think my pumpkin will (sink or float)?
  • How to carve a pumpkin (list steps).
  • Imagine you will turn into a pumpkin at midnight tonight. Write a story giving details about things you will do before the clock strikes twelve!
  • Write a comparison paper, comparing the various types of pumpkins/gourds.


Students can practice their creative writing skills on any device using any writing app (Google Docs, Word, Pages, etc.). This is a great time just to have fun with creative writing, or a time to practice keyboarding, editing and other digital literacy skills. Students can add pictures (take a photo, using a drawing/annotation app, find a picture on the Internet) and incorporate the pictures into their stories. Create an eBook using Book Creator (iOS and Android app), Tar Heel Reader (free website), or other book applications. Turn the story into a PowerPoint presentation!

If the goal of the activity is about creative writing (not keyboarding skills), have the student dictate his/her story or make an auditory recording.

Teachers of the Visually Impaired: These writing activities are a great way to teach/reinforce editing skills and other tech skills for students who use screen readers and refreshable braille displays!

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