Progress Monitoring with Google Forms

Using Google forms for progress monitoring has made my life much simpler. Being able to have the form on an iPad or phone allows for quick access and easier monitoring for each students IEP goals. I can print out the results before an IEP meeting and show the parent how the child is progress and where they still need some work. With our IEPs being more data driven, this allows the data to be processed immediately and it's easy to share with teachers, parents and service providers. When a goal is integrated, everyone can see the progress at the same time.

Editor's Note: Yvonne Franz presented this session on how to use Google Forms to efficiently record student progress at the 2018 North Carolina Conference for Visual Impairments. She has shared her PowerPoint Presentation with Paths to Technology. 

Yvonne creates a Google Form starting with the student data at the top, then she adds each IEP goal as a specific question in Google Forms using the most appropriate format (multiple choice, linear scale, checkboxes, etc.) The last section on the Google form is for her personal notes about each session. Yvonne uses this form to record progress during or after each session with the student. She shares the form with other providers who can than record data during classroom activities when Yvonne is not present. In the Review section, each individual question can be viewed along with all the responses for that question. The Google form automatically creates charts about the student's progress and other details that can then be used in progress reports and IEP meetings. Each time the questions are answered and submitted, the new data is added to the existing data in the View Responses section. Note: If you change the questions, you will lose any data from a deleted question. Be sure to print out the data before making a change in the existing questions!

When sharing the Google Form template, you have the choice of "send" or "collaborater." Note: A collaborater can change questions in the original form. When the form is "sent", that person can answer the questions but cannot change the original form. NOTE: To submit the form, a Collaborator must use the Preview Button (Eye symbol) to submit the form!

Note: When recording student responses digitally is not possible during a session, Yvonne suggests printing the form and laminating it. She then uses a dry erase marker to quickly record responses and later moves these responses into the digital Google Form. Caution: the dry erase marker will wipe off accidently if rubbed!

The PowerPoint presentation below provides step-by-step information and screen shots of how to create the Progress Monitoring Form using Google Forms. Yvonne suggests creating the form as a template (not a blank form).

Download Yvonne's PowerPoint Presentation, Making Progress Monitoring Easier here.

Collage of Making Progress Monitoring Easier Using Google Forms


Posted by Shannon Hibbs M...Oct 30, 2018

A teacher in one of my recent training sessions brought up this as a possible option. As a Google trainer, I absolutely love how tech can simplify tedious tasks & provide options for organization & collaboration. However, Google Forms sent to 1 individual can easily be sent to another individual with a simple forward of the gmail (even if you have it limited to 1 response per recipient!). I would be careful with confidential information with regards to IEP's & using Google Forms.

Posted by Yvonne FranzNov 07, 2018

You can check the box at the bottom where the people that you share it with cannot share it with anyone else. You can find it on the section for adding collaborators.
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