Producing Nemeth Code Through MathType, Word, and Duxbury

What's the big deal with this solution?

Teachers of students with visual impairments are often strapped for time as it is, driving between schools to serve their students.  When they have a student who reads braille, the support needs are magnified due to the amount of preparation time needed to produce braille materials and adapt concepts to be tactually accessible.  In math classes, TVI's can struggle to find the time to create quality, on-demand Nemeth code materials.  The solution outlined in the document shared here will explain how TVI's can now do so on the computer, with nearly no Nemeth code mastery required.

How do I get started?

Teachers and support staff will want to have the following software to make this shared solution work, and the latest versions of each are recommended for best compatibility.

  • MathType 
  • Duxbury Braille Translator 
  • Swift (available from Duxbury)
  • Microsoft Office - Word

Hope this helps!

My hope is that this solution will clearly describe basic steps for producing Nemeth code for students and that TVI's and their assistants will be able to save on time spent producing custom mathematics materials for their students.  If you are successful or have additional questions, leave a comment below!