Podcasts About or For People with Visual Impairments

Podcasts! They are a great way to be entertained and informed. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of podcasts, but recently started exploring ones that are related to or about persons with visual impairments. There are a surprising number in this category, but below are the ones I found most informative and entertaining.   Some give the sighted listener a different perspective on the lives of visually impaired persons and their families.  Others give valuable information to the visually impaired listener that will enhance their daily lives. Here are a few of my favorites:

  1. NPR podcast logoThis is a podcast about unforeseen forces that control human behavior and shape our ideas, beliefs and assumptions.  How to Become Batman is an episode that explores the world of blindness, how it shapes others perceptions, and the reaction of a visually impaired boy and his mother.  The narrator is interesting to listen to, and her questions to the hosts are relevant.  
  2. RNIB Connect Radio podcast logoThe RNIB Connect Radio podcast that gives great technology information that is designed specifically for the blind and partially sighted individual.  The topics range from Apple products, Braille, Amazon, and more. In addition to the wealth of information provided, the production is from the UK, and the accents make it enjoyable to listen to.  
  3. The Blind Bargains podcast logoThe Blind Bargains podcast discusses the biggest names, latest news, and insights from the field of blindness. The hosts, who are both visually impaired, use humor and personal insight into how the products work, and ways they use them.  It features interviews, demonstrations and commentary from experts in the field. 
  4. Ted Talk podcast logo; "TED Ideas worth spreading"Ted talks are amazing, and the ones related to blindness are well worth a listen. The talks are given by people with a visual impairment as well as from people who have changed the lives of individuals with visual impairments.  They have a wide variety of topics, but I only selected the ones related to blindness. I have listened to many, and presented some in the classroom with great results.
  5. Blind Alive podcast logoBlind Alive is a fitness podcast that discusses wellness topics and how it relates to the sighted and blind. The topics range from cooking to health and wellness.  It is a rather new podcast, so only 3 episodes are currently available. They are informative, and relevant to persons with visual impairment.  The commentator is a person with visual impairments and is very inquisitive with her guests.  The information is broken down, and very descriptive when referring to exercise, such as the recent Barre program. 

Collage of podcasts about or for people with visual impairments