O&M Lesson Using BlindSquare with VoiceOver

Instructor: Laurie Wright

Objective: Student will explore BlindSquare main page using VoiceOver gestures, and ‘set’ 2 points of interest in “my places.”

Student:  Senior in high school; low vision within legally blind parameters

Location: Public library quiet room

Materials:  I-phone

Step 1: Given verbal prompt, student will scroll Settings in phone to locate and select Accessibility and activate VoiceOver.

Step 2:  Student will activate VoiceOver Practice to get a ‘feel’ for finger functions and motions. 

Step 3:  After closing practice (press ‘done’ at top right corner of screen w/double tap), student will go to BlindSquare App to open:

  • Press home button. 2-finger swipe down to read through apps on the page; if BlindSquare is not on the first page, 3-finger swipe left to move to the next page. When the VoiceOver focus is on the BlindSquare App, double-tap to ‘open.’
  • On Home page, student will 2-finger swipe down to ‘read’ tool bar at top of screen.
  • When the ‘filter places’ icon is read, request student to ‘double tap’ the icon to open it.

Screenshot of BlindSquare home screen showing tool bar with Search, add, Tools, 4Square, Other, Filter, Pause

  • When the VocieOver focus is on the picker item, swipe up or down with one finger to move to 'Places Only'.
  • With the ‘filter’ page set for ‘Places only,’ student will 2-finger swipe down to ‘read’ page and select and check off ‘My places.”

Screenshot of BlindSquare Filter page with Places Only selected.

  • Student will double tap ‘back’ button to return to Home page. With 2-finger swipe down, student will ‘read’ page and double tap ‘Add Place’ to activate.
  • On Add Place page, student will be prompted to preview the page with double finger swipe down, and double tap “Name of Place” to open space. Student will be prompted to preview the symbols at bottom of the screen until he hears ‘dictate,’ and double tap to activate.
  • Student will ‘speak’ name of point of interest: “Cultural Center light rail” (in Baltimore City)
  • After entering the POI, student will double-tap ‘back’ button to repeat process and add a 2nd POI.  Note: if student does not have a place name, prompt student to return to Home page to ‘read’ with 2-finger swipe down, until he hears ‘filter places.’  
  • Activate and prompt student to ‘read’ page until he hears an icon category of interest (ie. Food, Professional and other). Student ‘single taps’ to ‘select’ category of interest.
  • Review with student that on Filter Places page the ‘announce address automatically’ button was set to ‘on.’ Discuss that in next lesson, using Voice Over with Blind Square, the “Cultural Center light rail” will be announced as he approaches while in route to Baltimore City. Once exiting the light rail at that stop, he will use Blind Square to search for a place in his selected ‘category.’
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