O&M: How to Use Uber (Checklist)

Transportation options for individuals with visual impairments have improved drastically from years ago.  Thankfully, with the improvement of smart phones and apps, travelers can use technology to aid in mapping out directions, checking out nearby landmarks, and planning routes with the click of a button or two. 

O&M professionals can benefit from teaching their clients or students how to integrate technology into their daily lives.   One up and coming way of traveling independently is by using ride sharing services such as Uber or Lyft.  These services offer door to door transportation for a fee.  Services like these are beneficial to travelers when needing to go to a location that is not on the Paratransit or city bus route.  It can also be helpful when traveling in an unfamiliar city or while on vacation.  Transportation options like these also allow our clients and students the opportunity to access the same travel opportunities as their peers, which in turn makes it easier to participate in social activities without route and time restrictions. 

The Uber checklist below is a tool that can be used to introduce Uber services, review steps for taking Uber, and/or allows the O&M the opportunity to note progress on a lesson by utilizing the notes app.  The printable checklist can be used manually to check off observed skills.  Another option is to enter the skills into a checklist format into the Notes App on iOS and check off skills as they are being observed. 


Screenshot of Notes app with Uber Checklist.

How to Create Checklists in the iPhone Notes App video


Leave a comment below if you have used the Uber app.   Let us know what other skills you would add to the Uber checklist!

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