ObjectiveEd Offers Free Distance Learning for Students with Visual Impairments

ObjectiveEd Offers Free Distance Learning for Students with Visual Impairments

While many educational websites are providing free access for schools, teachers and students during the current Corona crisis, there are few options for students with disabilities, and almost no distance learning options for students with visual impairments.

ObjectiveEd, a company that builds digital curriculum and skill-building educational games for visually impaired students, is solving this problem. 

The company’s curriculum enables students with visual impairments to practice the skills they need to become successful in school and independent in life and allows TVIs, O&Ms and Assistive Technology specialists to remotely adjust and assign skills for each student to practice, and to monitor each student’s progress on a web-dashboard.

The company will be providing free access to their digital curriculum to schools and teachers to use with their students with vision impairments through the end of the current 2019/2020 school year.  

ObjectiveEd’s distance learning help students practice many of the Expanded Core Curriculum, with skill-building games for Orientation and Mobility, Assistive Technology and Braille Literacy.

For example, students can improve their early braille literacy skills using ObjectiveEd’s Braille Sheets, where you place a sheet of braille on an iPad, and the iPad knows what’s on that sheet, and students play a game that improves their braille skills.  ObjectiveEd won the Louis Braille Touch of Genius award for Braille Sheets, as well as awards from the American Council of the Blind.

For advanced braille literacy skills, ObjectiveEd provides Braille AI Tutor, funded by a Microsoft AI for Accessibility grant.  As a child reads from their refreshable braille display, they speak as they read.  Using speech recognition, Braille AI Tutor listens to their speech, converts it into text, and compares that text to the original sentence sent to the braille display.  If they are the same, the child has decoded and read the sentence correctly.  This enables a child to practice their braille literacy remotely, between sessions with their itinerant teacher.

ObjectiveEd’s Orientation and Mobility games include building directionality skills, wayfinding skills, audio location and timing skills, sequencing, categorization, identification and memory.

For more information on ObjectiveEd, visit www.objectiveEd.com

To participate in their offer, visit www.objectiveEd.com/distance




Posted by Jessica McDowellApr 15, 2020

I love this app! When a student is in the middle of a game and needs to restart or play a different game, is there a gesture to pull up controls? I am finding I need to let the timer run out or leave app and restrart it. Thanks! Also wondering is there is a forum for these types of questions? Or maybe I should look further for more detailed tutorials.

Posted by Diane BraunerApr 15, 2020


Here is ObjectiveEd's response: 

In all of our games, you can use a three-finger swipe up to open the pause menu from here you can restart the level, go back to the main menu or access the tutorials for that level. On the following web page are some training videos that may also be helpful! https://www.objectiveed.com/videos Video #4 is designed to introduce the system to parents at home, but also goes through some important features about using the application and the games in particular. If you have any questions send us an email at support@objectiveEd.com and we would be more than happy to help you!