ObjectiveEd: Braille Sheets

A combination of paper braille and technology? How cool is that!  Braille Sheets literacy tool that combines paper braille in tandem with with a fun app! In the video below, Sara, a TVI created a customized story to capture Rosa's attention. Rosa read the motivating story in braille, then answered questions using Braille Sheets - a paper braille document that was laid on top of the iPad. The Braille Sheets app read the questions aloud, then Rosa selected the desired brailled answer on the Braille Sheet.

Depending on the student's level, educators can create customized literacy/braille instruction using letters, contractions, words, sentences and stories - along with corresponding questions. The educator adds the assignment into the ObjectiveEd platform. Students can read the assignment in various modes: traditional braille or a digital copy - accessing the digital copy using a braille display or listening to VoiceOver. To answer the quiz questions, a tactile braille sheet is placed over the iPad. The student listens to the questions and taps the desired answer on the braille sheet.

Watch the following video, Sara and Rosa: Braille Sheets for details.