New on Paths to Technology: Software Updates and Curriculum Pages!

We are excited to announce two new sections on Paths to Technology! 

Have questions about new features in iOS 10, TalkBack, NVDA, JAWS, Windows 10 and other software updates?  Check out the new Paths to Technology section dedicated to Software Updates.  Technology is constantly being improved and updated.  The Software Update page will help you stay up-to-date with the latest available software features, accessibility enhancements and glimpses into future releases.  Read what the experts say about accessibility improvements and issues - before you update your device!

The Curriculum page of Paths to Technology will include technology curriculums and training resources for a variety of devices and software applications used by students with visual impairments and blindness.  This page currently contains three popular iPad manuals:

Written specifically for teachers of the visually impaired, these iPad manuals contain valuable information about each sequential task, step-by-step activities, teacher hints, accompanying video clips, command charts and worksheets.

Also included on the Curriculum page is a resource section with BrailleNote Touch instructional videos.

Please help us build the Curriculum section by sharing curriculums and/or activities that you have developed or by sharing the name of a curriculum that you use.  Vendors are welcome to share information!  Have questions or ideas? Contact Stay tuned as additional items are added to the Curriculum page!


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