New Apple Products

Apple has had a pretty busy quarter with their new iPhone 6S release which headed the spike in sales. In the first week of sales, Apple managed to sell 13 million units. This number topped iPhone 6 sales which previously sold 10 million units in the first week. The leading reason for the popularity of these new phones would most likely be Apple’s new, revolutionary interface which they have named 3D Touch. With 3D touch, the iPhone can detect how much pressure a user is inputting on the display. Through 3D Touch, users now have a way to access content much quicker resulting in better productivity. Another high selling point Apple focused on during their keynote address on September 9th was their new 12MP (Mega Pixel) camera which has the capability of recording in 4K at 30FP/s (Frames per Second). With the updated camera, a user would be able to record hi-resolution videos, and take hi-quality photos. The iPhone has always been known for having one of the best cameras on the market, and with of the new upgrades, it has become even better.

In addition to the iPhones being announced, Apple unveiled their new iPad Pro which they hope will revolutionize the tablet industry. Through the new 12 inch display, Apple hopes that their new product will allow consumers, whether enterprise or personal, to be able to excel at their endeavors. To accompany the iPad Pro, Apple also introduced their new Apple Pencil. This $100 product will allow users to make notes, sketch, and be more proactive with a more precise way of interacting with their device.  What sets this device apart from other products such as this, is that it possess the pressure technology which can be found in the Apple Watch, the MacBook Pro, and the iPhone 6S. When sketching for example, the pencil can detect how much of a stroke a user applies resulting in a deeper, or lighter shade.
Finally, a product that has been long awaited by many, the Apple TV. It has been many years since Apple has refreshed their Apple TV line, the last being in early 2012. With the new television, we get a completely new user interface. How do you interact with this new interface, you may ask? Through their new touch enabled remote. The new Apple TV runs an A8 processor which can be found in last year’s iPhone 6. The new set top box promises faster performance, and easier access to whatever content in which a user may be interested. Probably the best way to navigate this product would be through Siri. Siri has had many years to evolve, and now has been integrated into the Apple TV, You can now ask your TV, “Show me the latest episode of Modern Family,” (as demonstrated at the September 9th, keynote) and instantly, you are presented with the episode you are looking for. 
Though Apple has not yet released the iPad Pro or the Apple TV to the public yet, these new products promise to change the way we get work done or merely seek entertainment. We can continue to look to the future for what else this fantastic company has to offer. Whether it be their new car or an Apple Ring to rule them all (Lord of the Ring fans will “get” this), there is always something positive occurring in this revolutionary company. So which product are you most enthusiastic about? 
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