National Tech Standards; General Education Perspective

The Perkins' College Success program is actively working to develop technology standards for students who are visually impaired and is seeking input from YOU!

The attached fliers contain the following text:

College Success @ Perkins

CALLING ALL TEACHERS! We need YOU, your colleagues & ideas!

Technology skills for K-12 students have never been more important with children across America relying on video conferencing and online learning platforms to access their education. Blind and visually impaired students, who already struggle to access basic technologies in the classroom, are now at greater risk of falling further behind academically.

We need your help.

Perkins School for the blind is engaging with educators around the country to establish a national set of standards for technology skills for students who are blind or visually impaired.

We need the general education perspective in this dialogue. 

Would you be willing to help move this discussion forward to close the gap between the tech skills of typically sighted students and their blind and visually impaired peers?

What's needed?

  • Experience in teaching and using tech skills in the classroom (K-5 or 6-12).
  • Knowledge of tech standards for typically sighted students.
  • Roughly 5-10 hours of your time over the next several months to engage in online discussions with our steering committee.

Contact Matt Barclay for more information or to connect us with one of your colleagues.

Tech Steering Committee Flyer: full text below the flier and attached PDF file

Tech Steering Committee Fliers