Music Harbor App Review

Several of my secondary students have been exploring music apps this semester. One of their favorite newish apps they have really been into with its accessibility features is the app Music Harbor, which reports the latest Music Releases of popular music artists.

Music Harbor is 100% accessible with Voice Over with the appeal that it also syncs up with your Apple Music account if you're an iOS user.

Much like Apple Music, you can follow your favorite artists, find every release related to your favorite artists.  Additionally, my students also liked that it had a much simpler interface then Apple Music, which made it easier for them to navigate with Voice Over.  

Users can easily navigate between the Artists they are following to their feed which reports the latest release dates from their favorite artists they follow.

Our two cents

When it comes to accessibility, less is more.  If a developer has created an app that has a simple interface that reliably syncs with Voice Over and keeps my students up to date with latest news and information, you have a solid, inclusive app for the teens and adults with visual impairments.

Find MusicHarbor in the App Store here.

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