More Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom Part 2: VI Twist

The initial post, Six Cool Games that can be Played on Zoom, was a huge success! More than 2,000 educators/families read this post the first week it was published and numerous TVIs asked Paths to Technology to share more game ideas. The games listed below have a VI (and O&M) twist! Game on!


Students can draw their own 4x5 grid (grids can be tactile, if needed!). The teacher can call out numbers, addition facts, multiplication facts, etc. and each student fills his/her BINGO card.

  • Quickly created tactile grid lines out of scotch tape on a folder or piece of construction paper. Adhere braille/print numbers. The student can mark the called number by adding a small piece of masking tape to that grid. The masking tape comes off easily so that the Bingo card can be read or used again. Hint: before the game starts, line up small pieces of masking tape on the edge of the table; the student can quickly grab the loose end of the masking tape piece and then quickly place the masking tape on/beside the called number.
  • Modification: Substitute numbers with braille contractions, sight words, vocabulary words, spelling words, etc.

I Hear with my Little Ears

The teacher gathers a variety of household objects that make a unique sound. (Online recordings can be used too). Off camera, the teacher creates the sound (or plays the recorded sound) and asks the students to identify the sound. 

  • Students who use an iPad running VoiceOver can learn about and practice identifying Earcons. The teacher can use his/her iOS device running VoiceOver (with VoiceOver muted) or can use the recordings in the video embedded in the iCons and Earcons: Critical but often overlooked tech skills post.
  • Students can listen to sonified charts and graphs and identify the trend of the graphs; create your own graphs or use the sonification recordings embedded in the post, Sonification: Sounds with Meaning
  • Take the sonified charts and graphs a step farther and review basic charts and graphs skills using the Sonification post and Charts and Graphs Skills Review. Ask the student to create their own tactile graph before the next Zoom session. (Students need to be able to create their own graphs using materials that are found around the house!) Ask the student to verbally try to reproduce what his/her chart would sound like (tones and pitches) if sonified. Then, either have the student independently or with 1:1 instruction during a Zoom call, recreate his physical graph using the free SAS Graphics Accelerator.
  • Looking for simple ideas for younger students? Try the Bar Chart: Fall Leaf Activity. Note: Substitute fall leaves with sea shells, rocks, or items found around the house!

O&M Scavenger Hunt

Lots of gen ed teachers are doing scavenger hunts - asking their students to find specific items around the house. Ask the student to find specific items or they can choose 5 different types of items to show.

  • O&Ms can put a twist on this scavenger hunt game by asking students WHERE (what kind of store or what department within a specific store) would you go to find a specific item or what type of business performs that service. Example: Mulch, watch battery, and shoelace. If in a big box store like Walmart mulch would be found in the Lawn and Garden department, the watch battery in the jewlery department, and the shoelace in the shoe department.
  • Extra points if the student can tell where the deparment is located within the store and/or can give detailed directions to travel within the store to find that department. If possible, provide a simple tactile map of the store. The student can use that map to help plan a route to the specific department store. The student's local grocery store or building store (Home Depot, Lowes) are other fun places for virtual scavenger hunts. If possible, involve the parents - ask them to place a variety of items in a bag or box and have the student draw out the item, identify it, and then tell what store and department the item is from.
  • Using GPS-type technology, O&M students can be asked to find the specific store, the general area the store is located in, and/or the directions to that store.

What are YOUR favorite Zoom Games with a VI Twist?