March 2016 Event: Future iOS Releases

The internet has been swarming with rumors from various technology companies about future product releases. The most recent from 9to5Mac states that Apple has looked at Tuesday, March 15h for their big announcement. I am going to cover all that has been said lately, and keep in mind, these are all purely rumors.

To start off this post, I will talk about probably the most anticipated product, the iPhone 5SE. I honestly still cannot get over the name. Why would Apple go somewhat backwards like this? Rumors are stating that it will basically be an iPhone 5s, but with some higher specifications in order to keep up with today’s applications. Another reason people think Apple is keeping the five name is because some may associate it better with the smaller devices. Surprisingly, not everyone is willing to get a bigger iPhone. Those are some of the “name” speculations, and at this point, I am actually not as curious about what the new phone will do, but what Apple will choose to name it. Some names that have been thrown around are 6c and 7 mini, but at this point, it’s looking like 5se.

So far, we know that it will be a 4” display, but all of the components are still questionable. For a long time, it was debated if the new iPhone would have an A8 or an A9 processor, but considering Apple will release their iPhone 7, which will have an A10, this fall, it would make sense that the device would have an A9. The camera is rumored to remain an 8 megapixel, but maybe Apple will surprise us with a 4K, 12 megapixel camera. The device is going to have Apple Pay support, which is their secure mobile payment system. How will the phone verify that it’s you who is checking out? With Touch ID of course! However, it is currently being debated whether Apple will use its 1st gen Touch ID sensor or its 2nd gen. Another question that has been floating about has been regarding wireless charging. In 2010, Apple patented a wireless technology that would allow a device to be charged from not just one place, but within close vicinity of a source. This power source has been speculated to be an iMac. Will we see this though? My answer would have to be no, because it is not their flagship phone; they will not add something that is not found on their flagship to a budget iPhone. When will we see it then? At the earliest, maybe the iPhone 7, but some are saying not until 2017.

Sadly, rumors of Apple Watch updates have halted. Supposedly, due to production issues, we will not see a 2nd gen watch revealed this March. What we will see, though, are new bands. Just as Apple did with Hermes, it is rumored that new band manufacturers are joining Apple. As always, if you take out a loan from the bank, you can maybe afford one of these bands. I honestly opt to getting bands off of Amazon.

Over the past couple of years, iPad sales have been on a steady decrease. With the vast selection of high performance tablets on the market, there are very few reasons to get an iPad. Also because they still work great after a few years, there is no reason to upgrade to a new iPad. The iPad Pro hasn't had aided Apple in increasing iPad sales. In its earnings report, Apple sold 16.122 million units as compared to last year’s 21.419 million units.

The new iPad Air 3 is rumored to have quad speakers. This first came to the iPad Pro, and was well adopted. The quality has greatly improved, and with that knowledge, Apple is rumored to bring this to the iPad Air line. It will house an A9 chip instead of the A9X found within the iPad Pro. It will not come with Apple Pencil support (you know that $100 pencil), but it will come with the ability to attach a smart cover. In addition to that, some are even pointing to it having a flash built onto the device. This is the first time this will be done on an iPad. Say goodbye to those views, because people will begin holding up those iPads at events. Though you may disagree with me, I don’t think that the iPad is the type of device one should be taking pictures with. It’s a great device for viewing media, but filming or taking pictures with it in a public setting just looks goofy. Basically, to sum it all up, it will just be a smaller iPad Pro, and lack some features found in the larger device.

Though these updates don’t exactly coincide with this post, I thought I would give you an update on some of Apple’s other projects. The Apple Car (Code-named Project Titan) has hit a road block. Apple has stated that the person heading up the project left the company due to personal matters. In addition to this, Johnny Ive, Chief Design Officer, was not pleased with the current design and progress of the vehicle. All we know of the project as of now is that it will deeply integrate iOS into the system. Except for that, not much has been rumored. Considering it’s Apple, though, we should expect a pretty hefty price tag.

Most recently, a lot has been focused on Apple developing its own version of VR (Virtual Reality) tech. A team has been created to figure out all of the logistics of the project. In my opinion, though, Apple is a little late to the game considering so many other companies have already released VR goggles: Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung GearVR, Playstation View to name a few.  How will this be any different from competitors? We will just have to wait and see.

Back to the original topic, which was the upcoming announcement, it is speculated that we will probably not see any Macs, and instead, we will see them at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this summer. Do you think Apple has hit a road block, meaning, do you think Apple is just running out of ideas? Which of these releases are you most fascinated to see? Are there any features you want in Apple’s products? I would be interested to hear what you have to say.


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