Location Tracking with Google Maps

We are all well aware of how Google manages to keep tabs on our virtual movement online as well as our every move in real life. Many of you have opted out of location tracking in Google Maps (How to turn off tracking in Google maps), but many of us haven’t.  There are many pros and cons to allowing Google Maps to track our whereabouts. One such benefit includes helping itinerant workers (in this instance TVIs, O&M, etc.), track their previous locations.  In a perfect world, one would mark down the exact location that he or she has visited daily. In the world that we live in though, there are plenty of days when one can’t remember what school or client that they had just left. With that in mind, Google has come to our rescue again. 

When you sit down to do your daily, weekly, or monthly work notes, you might wonder, “Hmmm.  When was my last visit to Happy Kids Elementary?” Here is where Google maps steps in.  

Once you use the Google Maps App to search for the name or address of the desired place (the “Search Here” text box), you will see the name of the location at the bottom of the screen. Once you tap on the name of the location, the bottom half of the screen will open up to reveal an image of the location, directions options, and more (see image 1 below).

Image 1: On the third row from the top, you will see “You visited…hours, days, weeks, last year, etc.). Tap on the words “You visited…” and it will reveal a timeline as displayed on the image below (the timeline shows small blue dots with the date and year).  

Screenshot of Google Maps, Overview tab, stating "You visited 19 hours ago", last 5 dates to this location, etc.

Image 2: When you tap on a specific day on the timeline, it will open up to reveal your travels for that day. The images below chronicle a day when I conducted O&M lessons with various students at two different locations. 

Screenshot of Google Maps showing date and summary of the day's travels including start time, distance & address of school, distance and names of additional stops, such as restaurant and store.

Screenshot of partial Google Maps page with the name and address of school, start/stop driving time to get to the school and miles & minutes of drive time.

Access the “Your Places” feature on Android.

Access your “Location History” on iOS

Or access your "Google Maps Timeline"

Please leave a comment below if you currently use Google Maps to assist with your travels or if you use the timeline feature. 

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