Let Us Loop You In - Apple March Event 2016

On Monday, March 21st, Apple had their spring event which was entitled “Let Us Loop You In.” At this event, they did just that with the introduction of new Apple Watch bands. In this post, I will cover everything that stood out in the event, and give my honest opinion on all of the announcements.

Apple kicked things off by discussing the environment, and how they were pushing for a 100% green business. They showed how they take advantage of the sun, wind, and water to power their headquarters, stores, and data centers. However, probably the coolest thing of all would have to be their new robot called Liam. Liam is a 23 armed robot that disassembles iPhones once they are no longer being used. It starts off by taking off the screen by prying it from the bottom to the top. Next, it identifies individual parts through cameras and sensors. With that information, Liam begins unscrewing and removing the battery, sim tray, camera elements, sensors, and every element of the phone, separating all of the parts into piles that can easily be identified. This whole process takes only 11 seconds!

After their push for recycling of mobile devices, they began to discuss health. In September, Apple released a developer kit call ResearchKit. This tool went on to be a huge success. Apple now wants to aid in medical care with the introduction of CareKit. This new tool allows for doctors and patients to have a more comprehensive connection after intervention such as procedures. Texas Medical created an application that allows for a doctor to assign various activities. Once the activities are completed, the patient can check them off, and the doctor will be aware of what activities have been completed. If he/she decides to assign new activities, they can do that, and it appears right on the patient’s phone. I believe that this is a truly revolutionary tool.

Finally, we see Apple’s new products. We started off with new Apple Watch band colors as well as the introduction of new nylon bands and a black Milanese loop. After Tim discussed the bands for a little bit, we finally saw the iPhone SE.

The Special Edition came with almost everything that had been rumored for a few months now. This phone took on the phrase “The most powerful 4 in. phone we have ever made.” This statement is right on. This device packs an A9 processor along with the M9 which lacks the barometer to track elevation. It packs a 12 megapixel camera capable of recording at 4K. It houses the first generation Touch ID versus the newest one found in the 6s. It has NFC built in which is required for Apple Pay, and a new killer battery.

There is, however, no 3D Touch, it doesn’t have the sharpest picture, and the area in which it gets creamed is wireless technology. I’m not saying it’s a horrible device, but as compared to the flagship 6s, it is only capable of a 150mb/s download versus a 300 mb/s download, and WiFi is no different. However, besides all of that, it is a really good phone for an extremely low price which is revolutionary for Apple. The new phone will only cost $400 for an unlocked base model as compared to $650. If you are on a carrier contract, this device is free! Many choose to go with installment plans which start out at $17 a month for this powerful phone. My family was one of those who logged on the Thursday after so that we could snag one of these phones. I will try to give you a review of the device when it comes.

Lastly, we saw the introduction of the 9.7 in. iPad Pro. This device packs all of the same features from its larger sibling and then some. It is packed with a new screen technology that forces the LEDs to react in different ways to various forms of light. This merely gives the device a different feel when using it. The biggest change to take place would have to be in the field of the camera. if you have read any of my previous posts on iPad photography, you probably know how I feel about it. What Apple decided to do is to give the iPad Pro a 12 megapixel camera as well as a flash! What truly bothers many iPad Pro owners is that this device is capable of much more than their $800 version of it, which came out four months ago. I can totally sympathize with these customers. Isn’t it just fun when you buy a product, but suddenly, it is already obsolete?

I admit it was not that impressive of an announcement, taking only one hour versus the normal 2 hours. Is Apple purposefully creating products like these, and selling them because they know they can? Is Apple’s late adoption of technology the reason it loses interest from the consumer? I know I’ve said this before, but do you think Apple doesn’t know how to innovate anymore? I would be interested to hear what you think.


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