Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds App Review

Laugh and Learn Animal Sounds by Fisher Price is a free iOS app. The app is self-voicing and can be played by young students who are blind. It is does not require VoiceOver (and is not compatible with VoiceOver).

Like other Fisher Price apps for young children, this app is colorful with non-cluttered backgrounds, has small movements, music and verbal hints to catch the child's attention, and has age-appropriate educational content. The app only requires a simple tap gesture and the touch target areas are large. The app layout is predictable and the activities are repetitive, making it easy and fun for all young students

Screenshot of Animal Sounds app, with a cartoon elephant in the center, a tree in the upper left, sun upper right, flowers lower right, and the word "bear" in the lower left. Arrow keys are in the middle on the left and right sides of the screen.


This app is a basic cause-and-effect app that teaches animal names, animal sounds, and animal facts. This simple app reinforces the one-finger tap gesture. Tap the center of the screen to play the game; the child can choose to tap in the corners to interact with specific touch targets in the first level game, but it is not required in order to play the game. The second level game requires tapping in specific areas of the quadrant to play. For students with visual impairments, this game can be used to teach and reinforce spatial concepts!


There are two games (levels) in this app.

Level 1

Animals are introduced one at a time. Tap the center of the screen to interact with the animal. Tap the animal to hear the animal's sound and the name of the animal. Tap again to hear a fact about the animal. Slide the animal to the left or right by tipping the iPad/iPhone. (Visually the animal slides left/right and you hear a slide sound and child giggling.) Note: This works well with iPhones; you may or may not want a young child to slide using an iPad. Tap on a corner of the iPad to hear an interesting sound. Tap the bottom left corner to hear the type of animal. Tap the right edge in the middle of the screen (arrow button), to move to the next page. Tap the left edge in the middle of the screen to move back one page.

The quick video below demonstrates the slide feature in the Animal Sounds games.

The video below demonstrates the first Animal Sounds game.

Level 2

Four animals appear on the screen at one time. The middle of the screen is divided into four quadrants, each quadrant has an animal. Tap on the animal to hear the animal's sound and name. Tap again to hear a fact about the animal. Tap the bottom edge of the screen to hear a bird chirp or the top right corner to hear a fun bell sound. Tap the arrow on the middle of the right edge to turn the page; the next page includes an animal song. After the song, the game automatically goes to a new screen with four new animals. The animals appear randomly and may be repeated in a different quadrant.

Screenshot of level 2 game with a cartoon lion, monkey, elephant and tiger each in a quadrant. Arrow keys are in the middle of the screen on the left or right edge.

Teaching Hint: Encourage the child to explore the page and learn where each animal is on the current page. 

Be sure to teach students with visual impairments about the layout using good spatial terms. If necessary, initially place Wikki Stix on the screen to divide the iPad into four quadrants. Remember, the goal is to develop good spatial concepts - mentally - so only use tactile clues for a limited time! Students will quickly learn where things are located on the screen - this mental mapping will carry over into functional daily living skills and Orientation and Mobility skills!


  • Home button (On/Off)
  • Sound button (On/Off)
  • Background Music (On/Off)

Accessibility for Adults

Because this app is self-voicing (and is not compatible with VoiceOver), an adult who is visually impaired assisting a student with visual impairments can successfully use this app with a few hints. When the app opens, the initial Home screen appears briefly (sound of children laughing). The app automatically changes to the screen with Level 1 and Level 2 (large ubttons in the middle left half of the screen and middle right half of the screen.) The information button is in the very top corner and the settings tab is in the very bottom right corner. The Home screen, Settings and Information buttons and pages are not accessible. The Home button is a small button in the very top left corner and is available during the games. The Information page gives general play tips, privacy statement and legal document. 

Laugh and Learn Animals Sounds App Review