Kaleigh's Favorite Apps

Between all my devices, I use many apps (applications). However, some awesome apps of mine are all things Google & Google Drive, JAWS & NVDA, and Adobe DC.

Google Drive:

I love google drive for multiple reasons. The first is that, I can backup ALL my files onto it—called a cloud. When my computer has issues, all I have to do is select the file or document, and control + C to copy it. Then paste it in my Google drive folder. But before you do this, make sure you have signed into google drive & synced to your computer. Another is that, I can take any scanned image document and open it in google docs. You go to google drive and applications key to google docs. It will turn the document into words! It came in handy this year with maps, worksheets, and images… It easily works between the computer and iOS devices: A game changer to get those images of text into actual text.


I love JAWS! It speaks almost everything that's on the screen and tells me the keys I'm using. I do not have to stress my eyes with enlarged things; it just reads it to me or works with my braille display. JAWS really helps when it comes to reading and filling out documents. You can download it in many different languages and accents, (mine has an Australian accent!) I use mine constantly. I use Jaws to do all my work and for all my programs, especially Word, Excel, PPT, Outlook, Internet and you name it—I can do it with Jaws on the computer.

Adobe DC:

It is the same as Adobe Acrobat (PDFs), but BETTER! Before most PDF files, (especially image scanned files turned into PDF files), were unreadable and untouchable, not anymore! Now with DC JAWS will read it with a simple alt + S when you first open it. My favorite new feature is that you can type on the documents now! All you need to do is alt + V, then alt +T. Next, go down to fill & sign, right arrow and enter on open. You do have to have some vision for this because, you have to enlarge it enough to be able to see where to put the mouse. You can click anywhere to type. You can also put check marks, underlines, circles, and copy & paste from word. If you are blind, then you just select all and copy and paste it into word to use. I use this a lot when my teachers send me maps to label. It also helps me fill out math worksheets that have images and graphs on it.

I have many others, but those are my favorites.  I know what apps I like and what works for me, but what are your favorite apps? What helps you the most?



Posted by ElijahMar 10, 2016

When using Google Drive, how do you accomodate for the 15GB limit. In this day in age, where files are getiting larger and larger, i find that limitation somewhat difficult to work with. Do you use other storage devices? I have a 3TB external hard drive that I am able to access over my local home network. do you prefer cloud storage, or if you had the ability, would you prefer having a local storage device?

Posted by KaleighJRainMar 31, 2016

Elijah, If you want more space then you will have to pay for it with Drive or any other Cloud. 3TB is great storage for external or Cloud, but I prefer using Cloud storage more. You can access a Cloud anywhere, anytime, on anything and not have to worry about losing it like an external drive. KaleighJRain

Posted by KaleighJRainMar 31, 2016

Elijah, What are you doing with all that space and how much have you used so far? KaleighJRain

Posted by ElijahApr 18, 2016

I use it to backup my data (I have about 2TB left), and by using remote access, I can actually access my entire hardrive from anywhere. My current home network setup is a Netgear AC1750 Smart Router which is being powered by a, wait for it, Verizon 3G Internet modem! Connected to that router is my 3TB Segate external drive as well as my HP OfficeJet printer. With all of that setup, i am able to print from anywhere, and with that remote access tool, I can access all my data off of my home network, drive and computers, from virtually anywhere i have an internet connection. The nice thing about this setup is that it costed me only about $80 for the drive, thus no monthly fee. Most home routers have a USB port for an external drive, but I opted to pick up a router that offered all the features that I wanted to include IPv6 support, VPN support, and many other useful feature. It came with support for USB 3.0 which is capable blazing fast speeds so that's another bonus. When at home, and I'm connected to my home network, my router is able to transfer data almost instantly with gigabit speeds which is much faster than copying it off of a cloud. Becasue it is not being manged by a third party, i actually feel more comfortable about storing data. You never know when someone is going to hace a cloud service, it has been done before, but my method allows for me to secure my data however i choose. 

Posted by ElijahApr 22, 2016

John Farina, correct me if I'm wrong, but Google Drive for Mac is a web based service meaning no application is required (At least this is how it is on my PC and Mac computers) Thus, Safari, or whatever other browser you may use should allow for VoiceOver to work I would'nt hurt to try it out. I would be interested to hear what you find!  

BTW: I storngly recomend Google Chrome because, in general, it is such a better browser especially when working with other Google applications. 

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