It's My Job Podcast #1: Mr. Mark Richert, Esq.

It's My Job is a facilitated interview between a student with a visual impairment and a professional who is visually impaired. Students determine questions about the professional's job, technology used on the job, what it was like in school, and other career-related questions. These interviews are driven by the career-related questions which are pertinent to students! The goal is to create interesting content for the career-awareness segment of the ECC for students to review and engage with during the COVID school closures. While the student determines the questions, asks the questions and guides the interviews, Dr. Rebecca Sheffield matches the student (interviewer) with the professional (interviewee), establishes the virtual meeting where the interview takes place, and edits the podcast.

In the It's My Job Episode 1 podcast, a student in the US Virgin Islands interviews Mark Richert, Esq., a lawyer and policy expert who is the Intrim Executive Director of the Association of Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Listen to Mohammed and Mark's discussion about Mark's career and life as a lawyer who is visually impaired.