iStudiezPro: Task Organizer and Planner iOS App Review

iStudiezPro is a task organizer and planner app for high school and college students that is available on iOS devices that are running on iOS 8.2 or higher.  iStudiezPro's features are separated into three different categories:  Overview, Assignments and Planner. However, while the iStudiezPro App has great features on its own, the best part of this app for students with visual impairments is that whole app is accessible and syncs with the Voice Over features in the iOS accessibility settings on iPhones and iPads.


iStudiez screenshot with overview of events and a calendar in the upper right corner.
In the overview section of the app, the user is able to see view all of his or her assignments and schedule for the day, week or month one page. The overview section also has a calendar in the upper right hand corner of the screen where the user can move through future dates to see what his or her schedule will look like on a different day in the month. There is also a section to add new class/exam/holiday events as well in this setting.


Screenshot of iStudiezPro Assignments page that lists all the upcoming assignments and the priority status of each assignment.
In the assignments section of the app, the user is able to see just the assignments listed out for future dates in the week and/or month.  A student with a  visual impairment can easily navigate through the text in this section by using simple Voice Over gestures to auditorily scan through the list of assignments entered in the app.   The other convenient feature of this section of app is that the user can choose to be notified on his or her device when an assignment is due and whether it is a high, medium or low priority of task of the day.


Screenshot of iStudiezPro Planner screen which organizes assignments by subject/class.
In the planner section of the app, the user is able to see his or her tasks and assignments organized and listed out according to subject matter.  Like the other sections of the app, the user is able to add new courses and assignments based on the type of class.  The student with a visual impairment can easily use Voice Over gestures to navigate through the text to find necessary tasks and features.

Demonstration of iStudiezPro with VoiceOver Video:


My final two cents:

Since organizing, prioritizing tasks and following a task sheet are all skills embedded within the Expanded Core Curriculum, I think this app could be a good tool for a Teacher of the Visually Impaired to reinforce these skills and also give students more opportunities to become more independent in managing their own personal organization system.
Editor's Note:  iStudiezPro is available for volume purchase.
iStudiezPro for Android - to be released soon!
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