iPhone 7 Impressions

As promised, I am going to give you a rundown of the September 7th, Apple iPhone 7 event.

We saw a preview of iOS 10, and learned when it will be made available. I have been running the developer beta since June, and I have nothing but positive things to say about the new release. Some fantastic features are introduced as well as enhancements to current applications that will truly come in handy. To learn about the update, you can refer to a post I had made back in June about iOS 10.

To start, I want to talk about that brand new camera. This new phone packs a massive amount of tech into such a small area. The new camera now has a wider lens meaning you can stuff more content into a frame. In addition, optical image stabilization becomes standard in both the standard and plus models. We also see a brand new quad LED flash. This new quad light setup will allow for better low light images. However, the camera most people are talking about would have to be the one on the 7+. This camera packs the same tech along with so much more! The dual camera setup on the back of the 7+ has that new wide angle lens as well as a telescoping lens. This telescoping lens allows for a user to capture an image zoomed in without sacrificing resolution. The ability to zoom further than that of software zoom will change the way we take a picture. In addition, Apple announced that in a software update, they will add a special portrait mode to their handset. This mode will create what is called a bokeh effect. This effect creates a blur effect allowing for a subject to stand out in an image. As of now, this feature is very limited, and normally reserved for high end DSLRs.

The home button receives a complete makeover. We no longer have a clickable button, but instead, we receive a feature that Apple has pushed into many of their product lines, and that is the force touch technology. Just as you can find on the MacBook, whenever you click the home button, a haptic feedback will simulate a click. Why did Apple do this? Many speculate that it was so that they could make the iPhone water resistant. Yes, you heard me, the new iPhone is water resistant! It is rate IP67 which means that it can be submerged under 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

I want to stop here, and talk about something that is quite controversial. When people learned that Apple was planning on removing the headphone jack, hysteria ensued. What would happen to all of my analog headphones? At first, I was unsure of how I felt about this defining decision, but as stated by Phil Schiller, we must move on at some point. The fact is, we have had this technology for over 50 years, and with all of our other technology advancing, why are we still stuck with an antiquated technology? Because digital connections offer better quality, Apple has chosen to make the lighting port the designated connection for your headphones. I understand that it will be rough at first considering how committed people can be to a favorite pair of headphones, but at some point, we need to move forward. Apple is somewhat softening the blow by giving users an adapter in the box for their analog headphones. Though it will take some time, we will get over it. Remember the floppy disk? People were mad that Apple took away that compatibility in their Mac line, but now look at us. Some of us don’t even know what floppy disks are! Just as floppy disks disappeared in the wake of CDs, we should allow technology to advance.

With the new exterior changes out of the way, lets discuss the brains behind the phone, the chips. Apple unveiled a new A10 Fusion chip which packs a quad core processor! Four cores are commonly found on laptop/desktop computers! Speeds also receive some upgrades. The new chip allows for the iPhone 7 to run 40% faster than that of the 6s. The cellular chip also receives a huge upgrade. Previously, speeds of 300 MB/s were possible, but now, speeds of 450 MB/s are achievable through this new chip. However, probably what will make iPhone users jump for joy is the new battery. Because of the vacancy of the headphone jack, Apple was able to add more battery capacity to the phone. You will now get an additional two hours of battery life as compared to that of the 6s.

One item in particular has bugged iPhone users for years. Why does Apple still have a 16 GB configuration? To tell you the truth, I don’t get it. Maybe this is a ploy so that users will pay extra for a larger capacity phone, or maybe they truly think some people are fine with that limited amount of storage. Thankfully, Apple doubled everything. Now, the middle tier 64 GB phone is obsolete and will now come with a whopping 128 GB!

Lastly, Apple also introduced some revolutionary accessories. The most notable new accessory was the Apple AirPods. The tech that is packed into these little earbuds is extraordinary. The W1 chip, which is built into each earbud, allows you to sync them up to your phone with ease by merely putting the case up to the phone. Apple has also implemented this new chip into their Beats line.

Apple also surprised everyone with a huge reveal. That reveal was the introduction of Nintendo characters, specifically Mario, to the iOS App Store. This moment had game enthusiasts screaming with excitement. The new game is called Super Mario Run. Basically, this game is like any arcade game that currently exists today. Mario is running on a map, and every time you tap the screen, he will jump. It’s a pretty basic idea, but this ushers in a huge wave of classic characters coming to our phones/tablets.

That basically sums up the event! Now, down to my nit picking. I understand if you don’t agree with me, but these are my personal opinions.

iOS 10 brings about many great features. Though Apple is planning the release for the 13th of September, they are still adding features. I outlined one of these in my previous post “Announce Calls.” I do think it is foolish to implement these new features on the final build considering the bugs that could possibly arise. All that aside, there is nothing horrendous about this update.

The iPhone 7 is a great release, but nothing about it truly stuck out as being something we absolutely need. I mean big deal, the phone is a tad faster, but this happens with every release. We see a better camera every single year, and be honest with yourself, do you really see yourself taking those professional grade pictures every day? I admit they are great to have, but they are just merely toppings to the ice cream. Apple also paraded around their newer flashier display. Unless you’re a huge media buff, watching TV, movies, or playing a high graphic intensive game, you probably won’t even notice that big of a difference. Yeah, it may be a little bit brighter, but many users don’t brighten it more than halfway. How about that claim that console level games are now possible? This term has been thrown around at almost every iPhone event. At this point, I want to know, what defines a console level game? Personally, if you are currently using a 6S, there is absolutely no reason to upgrade. If you are into all of those new additions, then that is your choice. Users of the iPhone 6 and below will definitely benefit the most from this upgrade. The reason I mention the 6 is because most people have a two-year upgrade cycle meaning iPhone 6 users have the option to upgrade to the iPhone 7 for almost nothing which is preferable if you have that option. 

I already gave you my pitch about digital being the next big thing. However, the new AirPods which Apple created are just not that. Don’t get me wrong, the tech inside is amazing, but if you come in contact with a pair, you will admit that they look awful. Comments have been made about how ugly the Apple battery case was, and now we have these monstrosities. I have heard jokes ranging from, “They look like cotton swabs sticking out of your ear” or, “They have a very similar resemblance to toothbrush heads sticking out of your ear.” For a company that has been focused on design, this is a real shame. On top of that, these devices cost $159. That is ridiculous! You can get a great pair of third party wireless headphones for half of that or even less. You are pretty much just paying for the brand.

As I conclude, I want to ask you, Has Apple lost its touch? Do you plan to purchase any of these products? What should Apple do to truly shake up the smartphone market? I would be interested to hear what you have to say.

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