iPad with VoiceOver Course: Audio

It is challenging to teach assistive technology skills on top of all the other things you (the TVI) are responsible for! Here is a free online resource designed for BLV adults or students who are self-motivated. The course goes into details of various app and is not intended for young students. The course is entertaining with engaging sound clips - guarenteed to keep your student actively engaged! This audio-only course can also be used as "flip the classroom" style of teaching; assign a session for the student to watch and practice at home, then review during VI time.

The iPad for All Computing Course by Tech Juggernaut is an auditory-only course available on YouTube. 

Note: The numbering of the YouTube sessions are not consistent. Day 4 and Day 6 are skipped but there are four Day 7 videos. See the title of each session and what that session contains below:

Day 1 Part 1

This session has a great review of VoiceOver gestures!

  • 0:00 Welcome 
  • 3:00 What to Expect 
  • 6:25 Meet the Trainers 
  • 18:28 What You’ll Need 
  • 20:00 Review of Voiceover Concepts 
  • 25:14 iPad Physical Descriptions 
  • 28:10 iPad Orientations 
  • 30:07 iPad Setup 
  • 32:22 Unlocking an iPad

Day 1 Part 2

  • 0:00 Welcome Back 
  • 1:10 Quick Review 
  • 4:25 Home Screen Components 
  • 14:11 Home Screen Voiceover Demo 
  • 19:37 Special Gestures 
  • 25:55 Overview of Control Center 
  • 32:07 All About Notifications 
  • 39:05 Spotlight 
  • 41:37The Split View Experience 
  • 45:07 Check Out Your iPad Settings 
  • 53:35 TTJ Challenge

Day 2 Part 1

  • Includes TTJ Extras on badge counrs, iCloud, and adding third-party email accounts

Day 2 Part 2

  • Includes discussion on the importance of entering proper contact information for yourself and others as well as a plyaful, yet meaningful, conversation with Siri

Day 3 Part 1

  • Typing on the on-screen keyboard, as well as the Messages app

Day 3 Part 2

  • We continue with an in-depth look at th eMessages app, complete with demos

(Jumps to Day 5)

Day 5 Part 1

  • The first of two parts about surfing the web with Safari

(Jumps to Day 6)

  • Apple Pay, Apple Card, downloading files in Safari, and look at the Files app

Day 7 (March 16, 2022)

  • We have several TJJ Extras in this session, including a discussion fo how to add cellular service to your iPad, how to use the App Library, and more. We also explore the Apple Mail app in-depth.

Day 7 Part 2

  • We continue our discussion of Safari, by exploring tabs and tab groups, quick actions, filling out forms and more.

Day 7 Part 1 App Bonanza

  • Join us as we discuss and demonstrate the Calendar app.

Day 7 Part 2 Reminders and Photo Booth

  • We continue our App Bonanza with the Reminders and Photo Booth Apps.


iPad for All Computing 2022 (iPad OS 15) YouTube videos