iOS 9.3 Review

Recently, Apple released the betas of iOS 9.3 as well as OSX, TvOS, and WatchOS. I’ve gotten to try out iOS 9.3 and WatchOS2.2, and with both updates, great features, and functionality come to each device. In this post, I will discuss my favorite features in these updates, and how I feel they will serve me throughout my daily routine.

Screenshot showing downloading iOS 9.3 beta 1Screenshot of Nightshift Mode


Another great addition would have to be the ability to password protect a note. Why would I need to do this you may ask? Instead of downloading a separate app, you can save username and passwords into a note where it will be secured and encrypted until you need to remember the password to any of your accounts. You may also choose to encrypt a note if it has some sensitive data that you wouldn’t want anyone else to access. This feature works with the biometric sensor (aka Touch ID) on your iPhone (5s and up). Once you place your fingerprint on the reader, your note will be unlocked. The feature is very secure, and I hope to take advantage of it.


Screenshot of protected notes in Notes app: image of lock and "This note is password protected."


Screenshot of Protected Notes






The Health app has also gotten a refresh. For different measurements, Health will recommend applications that are able to track that specific measurement. I’ve also noticed that with things such as steps, line graphs are no longer used, but instead vertical indicators of how many steps a user takes per day are used. If you own an Apple Watch, you can now access an activity panel which shows you exactly what is shown on the Apple Watch.





Screenshot of Activity app with Move, Exercise and Stand amounts


Vertical Dashboard: graph displaying time and stepsscreenshot of  Health app suggestions

There were also some minor updates for things such as CarPlay and multi-watch support. CarPlay, a link between your car and your phone, now allows you to search for more music and GPS destinations. With multi-watch support, multiple users can connect to an iPhone. Honestly, who has multiple watches, and not multiple iPhones to pair them with? Apple also announced a new feature for iPad in education. Students are now able to have an account on multiple iPads, making it so that not every student requires their own personal one. I hope that this feature is added to personal iPads and not just educational ones. For those large families, each member could have their own personal experience.

Screenshot of apple watch app

TvOS 9.2 offers some new features. Some of these include a podcast app, folders, app switcher, and Siri support for more languages. The deeper integration with iOS has truly made this system a familiar, and intuitive product. Amusingly, the one issue I have with this update is that you are not able to watch video podcasts through the native app, on your TV! Hopefully, Apple resolves this issue, but for the time being, it is a huge draw back for people such as me who enjoys watching them.

The iOS update will be compatible with: iPhone:

·       iPhone 4s

·       iPhone 5

·       iPhone 5c

·       iPhone 5s

·       iPhone 6

·       iPhone 6+

·       iPhone 6s

·       iPhone 6s+


·       iPad 2

·       iPad 3

·       iPad 4 (Retina Display)

·       iPad Air

·       iPad Air 2

·       iPad Pro

·       iPad Mini

·       iPad Mini 2

·       iPad Mini 3

·       iPad Mini 4

iPod Touch

·       iPod Touch 5

·       iPod Touch 6

TvOS 9.2 will be available only on the new, 4th gen, Apple TV OSX will be available on all currently supported Macs Watch OS 2.2 on all current models

Sorry I couldn’t give you an in depth look at all the feature in OSX, but I have not yet seen, or gotten to try it out for myself. What features are you most excited about? Do you think that all of these features are necessary? Do you think we will see the release of these operating systems in March, alongside the iPhone 6c (some are calling the 5se)? I would be interested to hear what you have to say.


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