Introduction to VoiceOver on a Mac

There is a reason why teachers often begin building concepts by teaching terms/vocabulary.  Have you ever picked up a computer manual and felt like it was written in a foreign language? Tech manuals are often written by developers - who are obviously speaking a foreign language to those of us who are not as tech savvy! What exactly is a "modifier" and what in the world does "quick nav" do? 

If you are new to the Mac world and want to start with learning to speak "Apple", take a look at the "Learn to use VoiceOver on Your Mac: a Beginner's Guide" article. Teachers, yes, this article starts by explaining all the Apple terminology! 

This same website, GeeksModo, has a list of specific Mac tasks with directions.

Interested in the same type of resources for the iPhone, iPad, and AppleWatch? GeeksModo has separate pages for these devices too!


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