Introduction to BrailleNote Touch: Calibrating, Navigating and Word Processor

I think these 2 videos are fairly self-explanatory.  My student goes through the Key soft menu in the first video.  Anyone that has used a Humanware BrailleNote product since 2000 will be familiar with the menu structure.  Very nice that it has remained in place! 

Danna demonstrates the variety of ways to go through the menu items, including thumb keys and touch braille using familiar BrailleNote commands such as dot 4 with space bar which I sometimes refer to as a 4-chord. 







The second video shows Danna going to the word processor.  In order to activate any of the menu items you need to press enter on the touch screen (your right pinky) or press the cursor routing key on the braille display. Danna uses touch braille to write her sentences and then reads them from the display.

For additional general information about the BrailleNote Touch's main menu and accessing the Google Playstore, go to the BrailleNote Touch Tutorial #1 post.

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