House Hunt: Preschool Matching Game

Adorable Peep - a chick from Peep and the Big Wide World series - puts a new twist on the classic matching game! Instead of matching two identical items, turn over a leaf to pair the animal with his home. Although many different animals make their home is the same habitat (water, trees, under ground), this game is carefully created to match only one animal per round with a particular habitat.


This game is visually appealing with high contrast colors, simple graphics, and a predictable layout. The leaves are displayed in 3 rows with 4 columns (3x4 grid concept). When a leaf is turned over, the item is announced.

This game is not accessible with a screen reader.

Screenshot of House Hunt game: 12 green cartoon leaves with two flipped leaves showing a fish and a dog house.

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Peep and the Big Wide World is a series of games, videos and activities to engage 3-5 year olds in science activities. Learn more about Peep and the big Wide World here. Learn about the Diagram Center's Accessible Peep Project here.

Animal Homes Science Activity

While in the House Hunt game, select the Information button to view an accompanying Animal Hunt science activity.