Google Maps Offline

As an O&M, it would be a dream for all of our community traveling students and clients to have a smartphone with an unlimited data plan.  In reality, many of our students are assigned a tablet for use in school, or some might have an iPod or smart digital player for personal use.  Other travelers might have a smartphone with a limited data plan.  In the aforementioned instances, there is a way to use digital maps offline.  The Google Maps app allows users to download maps for offline use.  The video below shows how maps can be downloaded on both iOS and Android. 

Video: Download On Android and iOS


This video shows how offline maps can be used in general.

Video:  Using Offline Maps 


Video:  Save Data by using Google maps offline (example)


Offline maps are such a good option for travelers that are needing an alternative to using a smart phone with a data plan or individuals on a limited data plan.  A tablet or smart device that runs apps can work just as well when needing to travel in the community. 

Let us know in the comments below if you have used Google maps offline and if there any additional tips that we can benefit from when using Google maps in general!



Posted by Diane BraunerDec 05, 2017

Wow! There are times that I'm traveling in areas without good Internet connection!  Mashable has an article that shows how to use Apple Maps offline, for those travelers who prefer Apple Maps.