Going Paperless with Dropbox

As itinerant teachers, organization and access is key to being productive.  One thing that I have found helpful is going paperless by uploading paper versions of documents onto the Dropbox app.  That way you can have access to files on the go, and it also helps to reduce clutter.

I also use the Dropbox app to store and transfer worksheets (for my students) and other files for VI staff to access.  For example, I take a photo (with my iphone or ipad) of a worksheet and scan it using Dropbox or I use the Scan Document feature directly in the Dropbox app.  Then I name and save the file. 

Here is a Dropbox video tutorial: 

After the file is saved, I share the scan via email.  This method is helpful when I need to share work (with a braille transcriptionist) that needs to be translated into WORD or a Duxbury file.  This is also helpful for students with Low Vision and need access to a digital copy of a worksheet that can be viewed using the Zoom feature on a digital device.

Another option for Voice Over accessibility (on ios) is using the Scan feature on Dropbox to scan a worksheet.  The scanned pdf can then be saved to your camera roll (a screen shot of the scanned document is quicker).  Next you go into the native Photos app and use the share button to allow the image to be recognized with Seeing AI.  Seeing AI will extract the text, then read the document with Voice Over (Seeing AI might have to be added as one of the options under the share category the first time) .  This has been helpful in a pinch, because we all know what it’s like to have a totally blind or low vision student walk into a classroom and get handed a worksheet in print.  The video below demonstrates how to get to the Recognize Seeing AI feature (although the video shows the feature working with a picture, the same steps apply when using the feature to access a pdf with words on it.)

Recognize with Seeing AI video:


Please comment below if you have any other ways to use Dropbox or any other app to go paperless or to share digital files.