Gmail Inbox Filters/Folders

One thing that some busy teachers that I encounter say most often is that they didn’t get or see an email that was sent to them.  There could be two culprits.  The first is that teacher simply didn’t check or acknowledge receipt of an email, or second, the teacher has a messy inbox.  Either way, a messy inbox is like having a messy desk.  Things can get out of hand and get lost.  

For some teachers, it would be helpful to sort email into folders.  For teachers that have visually impaired students in their classes that submit assignments digitally (via email), they might benefit from sorting emails like the video tutorial shows below.

Creating Filters in Gmail and other email app video:

Note:  Avoid checking “Skip the Inbox (Archive it)” to get emails in the inbox as well as in the filtered folder

The method above would help classroom teachers be able to sort and consolidate the student’s emails for feedback and/or grading later. 

For Visually Impaired students, the above method can help them to stay organized.  Imagine using voice over and swiping through every email title in an inbox to find one email. Imagine using the search feature and having to then listen to or read the title of each filtered email and related replies in a category.  This can be auditory overload and can waste precious class time. TVIs can initially assist students with creating folders for each class so that the needed emails are filtered and easily accessible.*

*Folders/Filters can also be accessed in the iMessage app on ios.

How do you keep your digital life tidy?  Share some tips below!


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