Gaming is for Everyone!

Did you know that gaming devices such as Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch have accessibility features?  Yupp- they do… So low vision students can play too!

In today’s remote learning environment, socialization can be more difficult than ever.  Social distancing keeps us in our homes without the ability to see friends.  

Many have resorted to visiting with friends through Zoom meetings.  Another way students can connect from the safety of their homes is through gaming devices.  

I didn’t know accessibility features were built right into many consoles until this year when Adam Kosakowski from NEAT Marketplace taught a group of interested CT students just how fun and accessible gaming devices can be! 

Just like on a computer, these gaming consoles have settings that can be changed such as: high contrast, font sizes, invert colors, narrator, outline characters and more.  There are settings to assist for visual, auditory and physical needs.  In addition to changing settings within the console itself, some games have individual settings within itself.  Web-based games such as Jackbox games also have accessible features.

A group of CT students attended a 3-day series of virtual gaming sessions, partnered with BESB and NEAT. They learned how to change accessibility features on various gaming platforms, learned online gaming safety, and then had plenty of time to play games together which brought lots of chatter and laughter.  Games were accessible for all students as they used their preferred accessibility settings.  Students who could not connect in person connected playing and laughing virtually. 

Are you wondering how your students can learn more?  

To Change Settings

A Few Sites that Review Game Accessibility

Happy Gaming! 

Author: Patricia Fahle