Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes Accessibility Review

Fisher Price has created three free read and sing along nursery rhyme apps - perfect for babies, toddlers and preschoolers who are ready to interact with an iPad or iPhone! The apps are carefully designed for little ones with simple cartoon images, baby giggles, fun sounds and  familiar nursery rhyme songs. Children with low vision will enjoy the simple high contrast images and uncluttered backgrounds, while children with no vision will enjoy the fun songs and sounds. This app is self-voicing and does not use VoiceOver. Simply tap anywhere on the screen to turn the page. If desired, a left or right swipe will also turn to the previous page or next page. 

Fisher Price Storybook Rhymes Apps

App Options

Customizable Options

  • Toggle Home button on/off
  • Toggle Sound on/off
  • Toggle background music on/off
  • Toggle narrator voice on/off
  • Toggle Auto Play on/off. Auto Play will automatically 'turn the page'

For most children, Auto Play is turned OFF and the other options are ON.

Two Modes of Play

  • Read & Sing: The narrator sings the stories and a tap anywhere on the screen turns to the next page.
  • Read & Play: The narrator sings the phrase on the page, then the child can tap on interactive points which have motivating sounds and animations. A visually impaired child can explore the page to learn where to find the interactive points. Tap on the same interactive point again will typically announce the visual image (Example: Puppy, frog, house, etc.) When the child is ready to move on, tap the bottom right corner to go to the next page or the bottom left corner to go to the previous page.

Exit story by double tapping on the Home symbol in the top left corner. This is a great feature, as most children do not accidently activate the button!

App Accessibility for Visually Impaired Adult 

This app is displayed in portrait view only; you can not turn the app to landscape view.

Unfortunately, the option buttons are not self-voicing and are not accessible with VoiceOver. When the app is opened, the Home screen shows the two book options in the middle of the screen. Tap on the left, middle of the screen to choose the first story or tap on the right, middle of the screen to select the second story. The bottom right corner has the Settings button and the top right has a smaller Information button. These buttons and pages are not accessible.

Once the book is selected, the page displays the two modes of play. The Read & Sing option is a long button that is located near the top of the page. The Read & Play button, located below the first button, is in the top half of the screen. These buttons take up the majority of the screen from left to right. The Back button is located in the bottom left corner.

Note: When using an iOS device with a little one or beginner, go into settings and turn off multitasking features; this will help keep the child in the app.

Go to Settings > General > Mutitasking & Dock and toggle off Allow Multiple Apps, Persistent Video Overlay, and Gestures.

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Posted by Eunicia L.De ...Aug 25, 2018

Applicable for my son who is visually impaired

Posted by Diane BraunerAug 27, 2018

Yes, this app is great for children who have vision, are low vision, or who are totally blind.