Exploring the BrailleSense Polaris: Terminal Clipboard

The BraillseSense Polaris has a terminal clipboard to cut and paste text from a document saved to the internal storage system of the Polaris to another device paired with the notetaker and vise versa via the Terminal for Screen Reader. This can provide increased accuracy and efficiency for students to write and edit work compared to using the Polaris as a braille display connected to an external device such as a laptop or iOS device. 

Using the Terminal Clipboard with an iPad

  • The Polaris needs to be in terminal mode and connected to the iPad.
  • Place iPad cursor where you want to paste text (ie. Google Doc)
  • Turn on Terminal Clipboard - Space+Enter+I
  • Type and complete basic editing in clipboard
  • Send text to iPad – Enter+S

Copying and Pasting Text from Word Processing Document to Google Doc on an iPad

  • Press F1 to open the Main Menu
  • Navigate to Terminal Mode, then press Enter OR press F3+S to go to Terminal Mode
  • Make sure the Polaris is connected to the iPad
  • Place the cursor where you want to paste text
  • Locate the file you want to copy/paste from in the File Manager
  • Open file
  • Select All – A+Enter
  • Copy - C+Enter
  • Switch to Terminal Clipboard
    • Press F1+F4 to open the list of applications
    • Select Terminal for Screen Reader by pressing Spacebar, then press Enter
  • Open Terminal Clipboard – Space+Enter+I  
  • Paste into Clipboard - Enter +V
  • Send text to iPad – Enter S

  Text should appear where you placed the cursor. 


Sometimes the terminal clipboard leaves out initial letters of random words when pasting and sending text to the iPad.

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