Evernote For Taking Class Notes: iOS and Android App

Evernote is a great app for taking notes in class. I use Evernote for taking math and science notes. Evernote is good for both of these things because You can sketch pictures and also write how much you want. I also can import pictures to the app. The kind of pictures I import are pictures of worksheets and pictures of small base 10 blocks in math. This helps because I can use my screen magnifier to zoom in on the object I am trying to see and it make it way easier for me. I would use Evernote for my pictures because it allows you to point at things with arrows and it allows you tot write on the picture. Evernote also lets you create separate notebooks so you can organize different subjects in different notebooks. It also allows you to work chat. For example, if your teacher has an iPad you can chat with him of her and they can shared detailed notes with you.

Evernote in iTunes.

Evernote in Google Play.

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