Epic! App Review

As educators, finding good children’s books is essential to developing literacy in students.  The Epic! app allows educators to provide students access to eBooks, videos, quizzes and much more!  Per the Epic! website, here are a few “Creative Ways to use Epic! in the Classroom:

  • Use Epic! for the "Listening" portion of Daily 5 using Read-to-Me and Audiobooks
  • Students create a "wish list" of books
  • Epic! is perfect for Read Aloud, Shared Reading & Independent Reading Time
  • Expose students to different expressions and intonations using Read-to-Me books”

The books on the Epic! app are accessible for visually impaired users as demonstrated below:

The “Read to Me” feature is a good way to allow students that are visual readers the opportunity to follow along with the highlighted text as it is read.

The “Audio book” feature is easily accessible for blind and visually impaired students via VoiceOver, thus can allow for independent access to thousands of books.

Learning Ally shares a few ways that audiobooks can support student learning.

Epic! in the App Store

Epic! in Google Play