Egg Idioms: Tech Activities

An idiom is a word or phrase which means something different from its literal meaning. Do you know what these idioms mean?

  • He's as cool as a cucumber
  • Down to the wire
  • Give it a shot
  • In hot water
  • Piece of cake

Check your answers!

  • He's as cool as a cucumber - To be very calm under stress
  • Down to the wire - At the last minute
  • A grey area - Something unclear
  • Give it a shot - To try to do something
  • In hot water - Be in trouble
  • Piece of cake - Something very easy

It's springtime, so let's focus on tech activities using Egg Idioms! You can use these egg idioms to build vocabulary, to practice writing skills, Internet research skills (find the story behind the idiom) and technology skills. 

Navigation Commands

Using any device with any screen reader, practice reading line-by-line through the Egg Idiom document. Read the first line only (egg idiom phrase) before navigating to the second line (meaning of the phrase). After reading the idiom phrase, can the student state the meaning of the phrase? 

Download the Egg Idioms with Meanings document.

Writing/Vocabulary Activity

Understanding idioms can be challenging for many students, especially students who are English Language Learners (ELL) and for students who take things literally! With this activity, the goal can be to build vocabulary (idioms) or to work on writing skills. Only provide the idioms and ask the student to type in the meanings. Want to take the activity a step further? Ask the student to write the meaning and then use the idiom in a sentence!

Bonus Points: Add another egg idiom and meaning to the list!

Download the Egg Idioms Worksheet document.

Table Activity

Practice creating tables (or Spreadsheets!) with the first column the egg idiom and the second column the meaning of the idiom. If desired, create a third column with the idiom used in a sentence.

See Google Docs Table Activity: Warm/Cold-Blooded Animals post for information on how to create a table. Remember, you can use any device paired with a screen reader!