Easter Egg Hunt for students with visual impairments

There are several different types of commercial Easter Eggs that enable students with visual impairments to join in the fun.

Beeping Eggs

Traditional beeping eggs are large plastic eggs that are battery operated.  These eggs are controlled by a simple on/off switch and the eggs emit a constant loud beeping sound.  These eggs can typically be found at Target, Hobby Lobby, Amazon and more; however, be sure to purchase your eggs early, as they sell out quickly!

Electronic beeping Easter egg wth on/off switch available in orange, yellow, pink, green, purple and blue.

Talking Eggs

JoJo and Friends electronic Talking Hide 'Em and Find 'Em Easter eggs are adorable electronic eggs that talk to you while you hunt them.  Inside is an additional surprise!



Modified Easter Egg

Want to use traditional Easter eggs?  Make it easy for low vision, blind, and students who physically have trouble bending over, picking up or holding an Easter egg.  Simply attach a balloon (wide ribbon works well) to each Easter egg.  For most students, the best height is for the balloon to be eye-level for the students.  Low vision students can easily spot the balloon.  Blind students can locate the ribbon using their long cane (or arm).  Students in wheelchairs can grab the ribbon instead of trying to reach the egg on the ground. Student with physical handicaps can simply grab the balloon.

O&M Hint:  Audible Easter Egg hunts are a fun way to teach sound localization and moving towards sounds!  Audible Easter Eggs can be used for a variety of fun activities.  How about playing tag in the gym?  Give each student a beeping egg and have one student tag the moving eggs.  To make the game more challenging, students who are holding the eggs can only hop away - no running!


Collage of Easter Egg hunt for students with low vision


Posted by Diane BraunerApr 11, 2017

Easter Egg Hunt for low vision students

Activate and place glow sticks inside plastic Easter Eggs - this will light up the Easter Egg!

Activate and place glow sticks inside colorful balloons for a night time Easter Egg Hunt.  The balloons can be floating in the air and tied down or they can be on the ground.  You can also do this activity in a dark room, if preferred!

Posted by Diane BraunerApr 12, 2017

I've placed Easter eggs in plastic cups/bowls to hold the eggs off the ground so that students may practice cane skills in finding the eggs (which do not tend to roll away inside the cup/bowl). 

Another modification is for each student to have a quota - once they find their alloted number of eggs, the student then helps another student hunt for eggs.  Kids love to help other kids! - C