Decide Wheel App Review

Choice Maker

One of my students with a vision diagnosis of Oculotaneous Albinism (the kind where the pigment of eyes and skin is impacted) has recently needed to learn more about key aspects of her diagnosis so she has the language to increase her self-advocacy skills.

In order to support this instruction I have been using the Decide Wheel app to help my student have a say in what key terms we study for that day around the topic of albinism.

Using the Decide Wheel App gives me the option of picking key vocabulary I want to cover on any topic in a lesson and gives the student some control on deciding in the order we discuss them in or which one we will focus on that day.

Here’s how a typical lesson looks using the decide wheel app for me and my students:

  1. Teacher tells student to spin the wheel to determine what new term related to the child’s vision diagnosis they will focus on that day
  2. Student spins the wheel on the Decide App on the iPa
  3. The student then does a Google search about the vision term of the day and records the definition in a journal.
  4. The TVI finds a sighted peer to be paired with the student with a visual impairments
  5. The student then shares details about the new term with the peer with TVI present facilitating the conversation.
  6. TVI then asks the peer if he or she has any questions about the child’s vision impairment and re-enforces the concept of inclusion.

Bonus:  The Decide Wheel App has a bulit in Voice Over feature inside of it!

screenshot of Light Sensitivity Decision Wheel: Pigmentation, Photophobia, Genetic, Albinism, Melanin, Light sensitivity

List Creator

Another way I have been using this app is to use it to create a task list with my students with low vision to help them explore the different types of low vision devices that are appropriate for them. 

I find that using the decide wheel is a fun way to determine what order we will complete certain tasks. My students love to have some control over what order we put our tasks in, especially during activities that might be a bit more monotonous.

Screenshot of Zoom on iPad Decision Wheel: Zoom on iPad, Dome Magnifier, VoiceOver on iPad, hand held magnifier.

Final Two Cents

What I love the most about this app (beyond the built in voice over feature) is the way it can be a tool for making choices and also creating lists for order of task completion.


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